Essential Oils

Essential Oils Have So Many Uses!

We use essential oils in our personal and coaching practices to enhance clearing techniques, deepen meditations and empower affirmations.  Oils aren't necessary in these practices, but incorporating them can heighten the experience and deepen the impact.

We also personally use them to swap out harsh chemicals from our households, support healthy body systems and emotional well-being.

We trust, use, share and teach with Young Living essential oils.  As we use the oils aromatically, topically and internally, it is extremely important for us to use truly pure and therapeutic essential oils.  (Did you know that an essential oil can be labeled as 100% pure even if the bottle contains ingredients other than essential oils? Lisa thinks this is just wrong!)  This is especially important to Jenn, as her young son is growing up with oils.

While we love Young Living essential oils and share how to use them topically and internally, not all essential oils are suitable for those uses. If you are using another brand of essential oils, please pay particular attention to reading their labels to ensure you are not misusing them. Most essential oils on the market today are formulated for aromatic use only.  We've done our research, talking with naturopathic doctors and certified aromatherapists, and believe Young Living essential oils are the best on the market.  Especially because of their Vitality dietary essential oils which are safe for ingestion.

Use The Same Pure Essential Oils As We Do

You can order Young Living essential oils direct from either at retail prices or create a membership account so you can get the same great oils at a discounted price (kinda like a club store membership).  Either way, we'd appreciate you sharing that we introduced you to Young Living, that way we'll get a referral bonus (which keeps us focused on building more amazing products for you to enjoy)!

If you want to buy your oils at the discounted price, we highly recommend starting out with one of the essential oil Premium Starter Kits.  Each kit includes 11 popular essential oils and a diffuser. It's the perfect way to get started right! Plus, you can add-on any extra oils you might be interested, like Magnify Your Purpose which we recommend using with Awaken Your Purpose guided imagery or Peace & Calming to be used with the Unwind Your Mind meditations.