Unwind Your Mind

create a daily meditation practice

Meditation empowers your inner light to shine brightly.

Unwind Your Mind program is based on mindful meditation, where your attention and focus is directed to your breath. It is designed for either those who are new to meditation and are seeking to build a daily meditation practice or those who have a daily meditation practice and are seeking to do something different in their practice.

When you are brand new to meditation, even meditating for 5 minutes once a day can be overwhelming. This program is designed to support you in growing and maintaining your meditation practice through 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20-minute morning and afternoon sessions. In as little as five weeks, you can develop a regular 20-minute daily practice. Although you will gain benefits meditating in shorter time frames just once a day, meditating for 20 minutes twice a day is recommended for optimum benefits.

If you already meditate daily, Unwind Your Mind can bring a new, supportive change to your current practice. Unwind Your Mind is available with music or a combination of music and Theta waves. The Theta Brainwave Entrainment session is inspired by the research and studies of Maxwell Cade, a noted British physicist, with experienced Zen Buddhist meditators. This session utilizes upper 7Hz Theta waves, which are associated with memory and recall, creativity, daydreaming and deep meditation.

For best results, please use headphones or ear buds while listening to recordings, especially for brainwave entrainment products.


Unwind Your Mind

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Unwind Your Mind with Brainwave Entrainment

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Starting your morning with a focused, calm mind sets the course for you to shine throughout your entire day!

Now, the scientific communities have finally discovered what meditation practitioners have known for thousands of years... it works!

Your mind is naturally highly active.  Consciously and unconsciously, it skips from thought to thought to thought.  When you are on the hamster wheel of constant and unfocused thinking, you may not even be aware that your inner light has become dim.  Meditation helps you obtain a state of focused, yet alert relaxation. A state of being fully present in the moment, with no thoughts of the past or the future. In addition to helping recharge your inner light, meditation offers many health benefits such as reduced stress, increased creativity and improved immune systems.

A regular daily practice can help you:

Reduce Your Stress + Anxiety

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Improve Your Immune System

Enhance Your Memory, Creativity +  Intuition

Align Your Body, Mind +  Spirit

Deepen Your Connection with Your Higher Power

Way To Shine is a series of six personal empowerment programs designed for you to discover, love and share your unique light with the world.