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Ready to transform old habits of “stinking thinking” to thinking in a way that allows your brilliance to manifest?

Do you ever think about what you say about yourself to yourself on a daily basis? Are you consciously aware of your daily 'I AM' statements?  Do they sound anything like these: “I’m a failure.” “I’m unlucky at love.” “I’m not good enough.” “I can’t... get it right, lose weight, fit in, get past my block, do what I love, etc.”

Affirmations reprogram your thought patterns.  Repeat them frequently, either aloud or to yourself, with conviction and charged with emotion. Say each one as if you mean it. Then one day, you will discover you really do mean it.

Just like a computer, you have an internal operating system, your mind-set and thought patterns.  In order to shine, to have your brilliance manifest, you have to upgrade your internal conversations to be in alignment with the future you want to create.

Your negative and out-of-sync thought patterns are like an out-of-date operating system that hasn't been upgraded.  You keep trying to install cool, new and exciting software (like a new job, a new relationship,  new healthy habits, financial freedom) on top of an operating system that doesn't support them.  Your new software may not install correctly, or if it does, it will be glitchy and prone to crashes.

So, how do you change your internal programming?  A great way to start is with empowering daily affirmations.  The repetition of supportive, daily affirmations helps reprogram your brain's neural pathways to reinforce new beliefs and thought patterns which then support your  cool, new and exciting software.

Are your daily 'I AM' statements in-sync with your dreams, passions and life purpose?

A daily affirmation practic supports you to:

Replace negative thoughts

Attract what you focus on

Think the way a person would who has achieved that dream

Achieve success

Restore Your Energy is a series of effective, present-tense life-changing affirmations that can be listened to at almost anytime of day. In order for an affirmation to effectively replace an old, negative belief; it is important to have a strong feeling of pleasure, joy and confidence associated with the new belief or thought. Each category has 20 affirmations, recorded to upbeat music to encourage a confident feeling “state of mind” as you listen. After each affirmation, there is a short pause to allow you to repeat the affirmation to yourself and to fully take in its meaning.

Restore Your Energy affirmations are also available with low beta/high alpha brainwave entrainment, which enhances accelerated learning and creativity, which supports your affirmations to be super-charged into your subconscious.

For best results, please use headphones or ear buds while listening to recordings, especially for brainwave entrainment products.


Restore Your Energy

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Restore Your Energy with Brainwave Entrainment

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Abundance sample affirmations

I am a magnet for new, exciting opportunities that support increases in my income.

I ask for abundance, I believe it will come and I think the thoughts of a person who is already living in the abundance I have asked for.

I am so happy and grateful for all of the abundance I currently have in my life and for all that is on its way to me.

General Relationship sample affirmations

As I respect and love myself, so will others respect and love me.

I attract wonderful, optimistic, encouraging people into my life who enjoy being around me.

I release and forgive any hurts from past relationships.

Health sample affirmations

I love drinking water, which energizes me, assists in cleansing my body of toxins and supports my ability to focus.

I improve my flexibility, strength, mental cognition and memory through regular exercise.

I enjoy eating nutritious foods, which fuel my body and give me energy to accomplish my dreams.

Affirmations... are the truth told in advance-marching orders to the psyche.

David Bressler, PhD, LAc
President of the Academy for Guided Imagery and former White House commissioner on complementary and alternative medicine policy.

Effective ways of doing affirmations:

  • Can be done at any time of day: during shower, exercise, while driving, etc.
  • Put favorites ones on stickies in your car, on bathroom mirror, computer, etc... any place you are likely to look at on a regular basis; as a reminder to say your affirmations.
  • Listen to them on MP3 and repeat to yourself as you listen.
  • Loop an MP3 affirmation recording at night to support their becoming imbedded in your subconscious mind while you are sleeping.

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