Your Shine Team


Lisa Busbee

Your Spark Reflector

I empower women to discover their light, bring it out of the shadows and shine.

It has been my privilege for the past 18 years to support clients to discover their life's purpose, to shine a light on their unique gifts and encourage them to write new stories to live their lives from...Lives they love.  I want you to love your life too.

Way to Shine is the same path I've followed in my own life to manifest dreams to reality, to shine and share my light.  When you can love yourself and you have the capacity to love your life, even when it's challenging, you generate an amazingly positive ripple effect in the lives of everyone around you!  You become a powerful creator of light and love.  And our world needs your light.

I first met Jenn when she developed one of my previous websites.  I was impressed with her incredible talents and gifts as a writer, designer and illustrator.  She inspired me with her energy, her insights and her passion.  I asked her to experience the Way to Shine program as I was developing it.  Through this, we discovered how powerful our gifts are when combined. I also discovered even though we have a vast age difference, when you are soul sisters, none of that matters.  Now, as as my partner, we've been on a journey together bringing Way to Shine to life.  She is truly my soul sister in inspiring you to shine.

What's my background? I've worked in the public and private sectors (profit and non-profit). I've been successful as an account executive, marketing/sales rep and as a business developer in architecture/design communities.  I've also worked as a public court appointed guardian, psychiatric crisis assessor and bereavement coordinator.

Education & Training



Jennifer Colucci

Your Spark Igniter

I inspire women to find their spark and guide them to organize, plan and build their dreams.

On your journey, I teach you how to organize your projects into manageable tasks and support you to create healthy habits in life as well as business. I share tips on how to build your brand, understand your target audience, how to write compelling content and even how to tackle the scary technical stuff too.

I’m an artist, geek and mompreneur. I have spent over 15 years designing, building and marketing web sites. My passion is to help others improve their lives and go after their dreams!  It's my mission is to inspire, challenge and transform the mediocre into the extraordinary.

I have been a fan of Lisa's work for years and through the use of Awaken Your Purpose, Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and Create Your Story I have seen amazing breakthroughs in my personal life.  This year I have been on a whirlwind transformation journey: releasing over thirty pounds, writing my first book, rediscovering my inner artist, owning my inspirational aspirations and partnering with Lisa to bring our shared dream of Way To Shine to reality.  Each day I joyfully exclaim "I love my life!" and I so want to empower you be able to do the same.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith Wharton

Just as we have discovered personal images that represent our soul's inspired purpose, we have also discovered our shared purpose.

Lisa's personal image of a glowing, pulsing tree with a heart shaped mirror on its trunk revealed itself to her, describing her purpose to reflect others light back to them so they can see it for themselves.  Jenn's personal purpose imagery is of herself on stage, back lit with a strong spotlight shining through her, glowing brightly on to the smiling faces of millions of women whose lives she had positively impacted.

Together, we realized our combined images of mirror and spotlight combined perfectly in our shared image of a lighthouse, Way To Shine's inspired purpose.  Standing tall and strong like Lisa's tree, the lighthouse powerfully reflected a brilliant beam of light across the dark sky acting as a beacon for those struggling to find their way.

It was an amazing breakthrough for our partnership and a great guiding light to ensure we are on the right path for our business.  If you haven't tried Awaken Your Purpose, we definitely recommend it as one of our most powerful guided imageries.  Once you know your own soul's inspired purpose you can even use Awaken to discover images for your business, as we did.