Do you ever have days where you get caught up in the “doing-ness” of your life?  Do you forget to contribute your gifts, talents and time to those around you?  I know I sure do!  When you are stuck in the “doing-ness” of life, it’s easy to forget what makes you happy, what gives you joy and what gives your life meaning. You start making choices based on inner conversations of scarcity and lack. You can start putting out discontented energy, forgetting to be grateful for EVERYTHING in your life…..the “good” and the “bad”.   At times, it can become so easy to get caught up in ‘stinking thinking”, you forget what your soul’s inspired purpose is.  You start letting the circumstances of your life, rather than your life’s purpose, become your guide.

When I was in training to become an Interactive Guided Imagery℠ Practitioner, I had a powerful experience of an image of my life’s purpose, that to this very day can almost instantaneously bring me back to what’s important to me, what gives my life meaning.

It guides the direction my life takes.

What was my image? Well, at first…I thought it was really cheesy! My image was a tree. A willow tree with gold and lavender lights pulsing up through its leaves and pulsing down through its roots, down into the earth. There was a heart-shaped mirror on the trunk of the tree. Very cutesy. Very Avatar-the-movie. Very NOT me. Or so I initially thought. As I held this image in my mind for a bit longer, I began to cry as its meaning hit me. Oh yes…this tree WAS me. The glowing leaves represented my joyous connections to the divine and the roots, my foundation of daily spiritual practices.  The tree represented the values that bring me strength. The mirror represented what I love to do most in the world…reflect back to those around me their beauty, their super powers, to shine a light on what their soul longs for…until they can see it for themselves.

I carry this image in my heart now. At any given moment, I can close my eyes…bring it to mind…and look to see if the choices I make are in alignment with the energy and values of my life’s inspired purpose. My purpose guides where I choose to contribute my time and my gifts. It guides what organizations I participate in. It guides the direction my life takes.


Be the Light,